How Long? So Long!

Wow! I can’t believe that it has been two years since I posted! And yet, here we are wrapping up another year and contemplating the next one. What a year it has been! The last two years have actually been very challenging for me. I’m hoping that 2018 brings forth the kind of change that bring peace to my spirit.

Peace in the middle of chaos. I would like a lot less chaos personally, but the world seems bent on providing extra doses of it! Our President is continually of the rails and it looks like we are headed backwards with regard to advances that took a long time and hard work to bring to fruition.

But this is the stuff life is made of. At least that is what I’m telling myself to get through it. It’s some murky, heavy sludge right now and it’s taking serious effort to keep trudging along. I know I’m not alone on the journey-but still.

I guess it’s time to cue the holiday music and chill with some spiked eggnog. A little indulgence can’t hurt at time like this. Right?eggnog


Almost A New Year

It’s the day after Christmas and while some have already hit the stores to return gifts or get the after Christmas doorbusters, others are plotting to make 2016 the best year of their lives.

I’m in with the latter crew. I started working on my vision board, making lists, setting goals and reworking my schedule. Not quite making resolutions-okay, maybe a cuter way to make resolutions, but trying to put some order to my otherwise uncertain, and often, chaotic life.

It’s hard though. I’m not particularly enthusiastic. In fact I spent the bulk of Christmas day in bed sulking because I didn’t make it home to California. I figured planning 2016 would motivate me and change my energy flow. Okay, ¬†create an energy flow.

Instead, my vision board looked a lot like the ones already on my wall and my schedule was only slightly different than it has been. I felt like giving up. I put the scissors and tape aside and settled in to watching Dreamgirls for the  umpteenth million time and let the music bring me something like joy.

I’m not saying forget setting goals, making plans or vision boards, but sometimes changing the flow means going with it to honor your soul’s needs. I needed joy in that moment. I needed release and singing songs, loudly, with my messy hair, in my Santa pants, allowed me that.

I still have plans for 2016, but I also have room, lots of room, for soul flow joy!